Established since 2007 as an international trading and distribution company.


IDOCEAN has speedily pioneered in presenting new products to domestic market as well as unremittingly excelled in the distribution of market best-selling products and after sales services.

Our Brands


Our product range includes power series, black tea, syrups, sauces, smoothie concentrates,
topping series such as jelly, boba and konjac, canned peaches,
blenders, coffee cups, coffee and wine aroma training kits and more.
Tea Bags

From Luave®

Non-Dairy Creamer

From Luave®


From Lúave

Salted Eggs

From Luave®

Cocoas Powder

From Luave®


From Lúave


From Luave®

Brown Sugar Syrup

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From Hoa Tran

Tea Bags

From Teaespresso®

Frappe Powder FR33

From Luave®

Artisan Coffee

From Luave®

Milk Tea

From Lúave®

Coconut Milk Powder

From Luave®

Matcha Powder

From Luave®

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Barista Essentials


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ACAIA – Change Your Coffee Brewing Experience

We’ve joined forces with other industry leaders and innovators to build an ecosystem of companies committed to elevating coffee technology.


Our products are infused with experiences in manufacturing laboratory precision balances and designing beautiful consumer products. Upon discovering that the specialty coffee industry had a need for precise and accurate scales, the founders set out to create one that was both aesthetically pleasing and precisely functional.

PESADO – The Best Quality and Safety

It all started with our signature Pesado 58.5 Tamper, machined with such precision, they come with a warning! The sharp 90 degree edge and the 58.5mm diameter extends the total tamped surface area, increasing consistency within each puck of coffee. The signature base teamed with hand lathed wooden handles or precision cut alloy which evolved over time to create an ergonomic, comfortable and strong hand hold.


From the tamper we needed to develop the ideal home base. First came the Pesado basket, utilising the technology developed by IMS filtri in Italy, we worked hard to create a basket with uniform, precisely machined holes and smooth edges for a seamless tamping experience.

LOVERAMICS – Global Lifestyle

Ceramics has its heritage as a craft material. Our ceramic products are made with pride in our own workshops by experienced craftsmen. Each piece is handled with care throughout the making process. This attention to detail gives Loveramics its identity and its heart.


This pride only lets us use the highest quality materials and making techniques. So we fire our porcelain to 1300 degrees Celsius which makes it durable and strong and allows us to use brightly coloured glazes with a beautiful high gloss finish.


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